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Investment loans

Maximise your savings! If you have an investment loan you can package the cost. That means you can pay the interest out of your pre-tax dollars.

Use the calculator on the right to see how much you could save.

Things you need to know

  • You can only package the interest charged on your investment loan not any principle repayments you choose to make. You are required to submit bank statements to confirm the amount of interest you have paid. As the amount of interest varies from month to month, we are unable to set up regular reimbursements for investment loan interest.
  • The loan must be 100% for income producing purposes.
  • If you salary package your investment loan you cannot claim it in your tax return.
  • If the loan is jointly held, you may only salary package your portion of the interest. For example if you and your partner are equal joint owners of an investment property, you can each package 50% of the interest costs.
  • Not all employers allow this item to be salary packaged.

How to start packaging an investment loan

First you need an investment loan - you can package an existing one or set up a new one. Complete a claim form and send it to us with a copy of your bank statement which shows the interest charges on your loan:

If youre not currently packaging with us we need to set you up in our system. The easiest way to get started is to register here and get access to correct forms for your employer.

Once you have returned the forms we sort out the rest. Well get your employer to set aside the amount youve paid from your pre-tax salary - over the number of pay periods you choose. We then arrange for that money to be transferred into your bank account over the same amount of pay periods.

This way you dont pay any income tax on the amount youve paid for the items. To find out more about how you are reimbursed go to The Payment Process.

Salary packaging fees

There are some packaging fees to pay but these will be deducted from your pre-tax salary, so you get a tax saving on those as well.

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