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Reduce your call costs

Cut your mobile costs by more than a third. If you use your phone for work, you can package the handset, the bills and the accessories.

How it works

If you buy a phone and accessories outright let us know how much it cost you. We’ll make sure your employer sets aside that amount from your pre-tax pay, and then reimburse you – using your pre-tax dollars.

If you have a monthly bill - do the same thing. Pay it, then let us know how much you had to pay. We’ll make sure you are reimbursed out of your pre-tax dollars.

What you need to know

Any item you package must be used primarily for your work. Items you can package include:

  • ongoing call or plan costs
  • handset and charger
  • additional batteries
  • car kit
  • carry pouch

There’s a minimum reimbursement amount of $100 – so whatever you buy must add up to at least that amount.

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