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Get ahead by packaging a course

A course or qualification related to your current employment can be a great way to gain some extra knowledge and reduce the amount of tax you pay.

How does it work?

If you want to salary package this item, simply:

  • pay the course fees and/or any other self education materials
  • let us know how much it cost

We’ll tell your employer to set aside that amount from your pay. Then we’ll make sure you are reimbursed with those pre-tax dollars.

What you need to know

Self education expenses include:

  • course fees
  • stationary
  • textbooks
  • student union fees

There’s no limit in the number of items you can package– so if you’d like to try a few courses a year, go for it.

While you can also claim self education on your tax return, there’s a catch – you can’t claim the first $250 you spend each financial year. By salary packaging, you can use your pre-tax dollars to save on the cost from the first dollar you spend.

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