Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19

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You’re able to package the cost of an e-bike that you use to travel to and from work.


Please check your salary packaging eligibility by clicking here.

How it works

Organise the novated lease of an e-bike using E-stralian – they’ll work out the regular payment amounts with you and organise all the relevant documentation. You’ll then sign-off on the agreement, along with your employer and E-stralian, and you’ll be on your way.
We’ll deduct your lease payment amounts pre-tax (minus the GST) and pay these directly to E-stralian each pay period.


Things you need to know

  • The e-bike must be primarily used for travel to and from work – any use of the bike outside of this must be incidental and minor.
  • You’ll need to keep a logbook for the first 3 months that you have your e-bike to record your travel as predominantly between work and home or carrying out work-related duties.
  • You should keep your logbook on file for at least 5 years after you complete it.
  • Running costs (such as regular servicing) for your e-bike will be included in your regular lease payment amount.
  • Your employer covers the GST on all applicable payments, meaning you save an extra 10%.

How to start packaging

  1. Arrange an e-bike novated lease using E-stralian.
  2. Submit your completed E-Bike Application Form, signed novation agreement and E-stralian Payroll Advice to us for processing (if you’re brand new to salary packaging, you’ll also need to complete our Salary Packaging Application Form).
Once we’ve processed your application, we’ll send you an email outlining all the details, including your first pre-tax salary deductions. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy your new e-bike and the tax savings that come with it!