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Workforce planning, management and optimisation

A challenge faced by many organisations is the effective management of its workforce. Workforce shortage, varying skill levels, shift work, staff retention and the mix of full-time, part-time and casual workers are just some of the issues that compound the challenges, and failure to meet them impacts on an organisations’ financial performance, quality of service delivery and its overall reputation.



Health-e Workforce Solutions 

Saving some of Australia’s leading hospitals millions of dollars in present-day and future staffing costs, Health-e Workforce Solutions, a division of Smartgroup, delivers powerful workforce management tools and consulting services.
With Health-e Workforce Solutions in place, administrators and managers have unprecedented access to:
  • Future staff planning and management
  • Accurate workforce costing and control
  • Alternate workforce modelling
  • Centralised casual workforce management
  • Customisable, comprehensive real-time reporting.
Health-e Workforce Solutions interfaces with existing systems like payroll, HR and rostering, while our team works closely with organisations to deliver smooth implementation, user training, and ongoing helpdesk support and consultation.



Ensuring all shifts are filled in the most cost-effective way and covering any last-minute availability changes is an ongoing challenge and can take more time than you have. 
We’ve partnered with Emprevo to offer our clients simple workforce planning without the headache. Every day, Emprevo delivers shifts to 25,000+ workers at over 1,000 sites, and is capable of: 
  • Posting hundreds of shifts in seconds
  • Filling up to 90% of shifts in minutes
  • Saving managers up to 14 hours a week filling shifts
  • Cutting agency costs by up to 75% by maximising usage of existing staff
  • Reducing staff turnover by up to 50% via improved workforce flexibility and engagement.
There are no lock-in contracts or licence fees, and a solution for your organisation could be up and running in as little as a week.  Emprevo by Smartsalary will be a welcome improvement for you and your staff.