Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19

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About Us

As one of the oldest and largest outsourced salary packaging companies in Australia, we have knowledge and experience you can trust.

Salary Packaging

We’re experts in salary packaging, so we understand how to ensure your employees are making the most out of the benefits their entitled to.

Customer Service

Providing outstanding service forms the foundation of our entire business philosophy. We take a multi-channel approach to ensure your employees have choice in how they access our service.

Novated Leasing

Our novated leasing division is dedicated to finding the most competitive prices for novated lease vehicles, as well as best value for money on other vehicle products.


Our service is driven by the best technology on the market, from efficient online account management and apps for your employees, to a personalised, transparent client dashboard for you.


We take inspiration from national and global out-of-the-box solutions that we can apply to our award-winning services.