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Making salary packaging easy is at the core of everything we do; so Smartsalary delivers both outsourced salary packaging management and highly functional, easy-to-use in-house software.


Whichever you choose, our commitment to you is to deliver game-changing solutions and exceptional customer service that help you attract and retain the best employees with great benefits, and at no cost to your organisation.


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Salary Packaging
Salary Packaging benefits

Depending on the type of organisation you are, there are different types of benefits you can offer to your employees. We'll help you put together a program appropriate to you.

  • Airline lounge benefit

    Whether you travel for work or personal reasons, salary package your airline lounge membership.

  • Work related expenses

    Expenses relating to your job, such as taxi travel and mobile phone expenses can all be salary packaged.

  • Education related expenses

    Some education expenses, like self education and work development travel, can be salary packaged.

  • Portable devices

    Devices such as a laptop, notebook or tablet are popular items to salary package.

  • Living away from home allowance

    If you’re living away from home for work, you may be able to package your meals and accommodation.

  • Capped expenses

    Employees of public and private not-for-profit hospitals or PBIs don’t pay the FBT on a number of items, up to a capped limit.

  • Novated leasing

    Packaging a car lets you to pay a portion of your vehicle finance and running costs with pre-tax dollars.

  • Meal entertainment

    You can salary package restaurant meals out, or catering costs from a wedding or function.

  • Superannuation

    Pre-tax additional super contributions is one of the most popular things to package.


Smartsalary keeps up to date with relevant new tax legislation and legislative changes through our tax and legal teams, as well as our involvement with the National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging Association (NALSPA).


Smartsalary has built an extensive framework for the administration of salary packaging encompassing documentation requirements, taxation declarations, internal and external audit regimes, risk-profiling and data retention.