Welcome to Smartsalary – your new packaging provider from April 2022

We’re happy to be St Vincent de Paul (NSW) new salary packaging provider and would like to wish you a warm welcome to Smartsalary. We’re working closely with your employer and your current provider to make the transition of your salary packaging arrangements as smooth as possible.

Here is some information and important dates.

Important Dates

Last day to switch to mortgage/claim processing and cancel your EML card to avoid a fee - 31 May

Frequently asked questions
I currently salary package, what if I want to find out more?
I’m new to salary packaging, what if I want to find out more?
I have a balance in my salary packaging account, what will happen to this?
Will my salary packaging deductions change?
What are Smartsalary's fees? Why am I now being charged an administration fee?
Where will my Mortgage/Rent reimbursements go to?
Do I need to contact Smartsalary?
I’m transitioning from b-packaged to Smartsalary – what happens now?
I have a Bendigo Bank b-packaged card, will a new card need to be issued?
Can I setup periodical payments from the new Smartsalary Card?
How do I manage my periodical payments?
When will I get the packaged monies into my bank account?
How can I change my packaging options once the transition is complete?
When will I have access to the Smartsalary portal?
What happens if I have an existing novated vehicle?
What happens if I have an existing fleet (tool of trade)?
When someone leaves how long to they have to spend the funds on the card?
When will the new Smartsalary Card be available for those who currently package?
Once I’m setup what happens if I want to stop package?
Do I need to close my salary packaging account with Bendigo Bank?
Is my personal information secure?
The new Smartsalary Card FAQs
How does the new combined Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Card work?
How do I activate my new card?
How do I use my new card?
How do I change my PIN?
What happens if I enter the wrong PIN when making a transaction?
Can I use my card to make regular ongoing payments?
Can I use my card to make BPay payments?
Can I use my card to make a purchase with Afterpay?
Can I use my card overseas?
What is the minimum amount I can spend with my card?
How do I check the transactions and balances on my card?

The easier and safer way to pay

You can now enjoy all the benefits of your Smartsalary card with Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s simple and works with the devices you use every day. Your card information is secure because it isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay. Paying in stores, in selected apps and on participating websites has never been easier, safer or more private.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the easier, safer way to pay in stores, in selected apps and on participating websites with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac*. You can quickly check out using the devices you carry every day.

Google Pay

If you have an Android phone it’s easy to add your card to Google Pay. Once you’ve completed the set up process, you’ll be able to use Google Pay where contactless payments are available, or where the Google Pay logo appears online.

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