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Melbourne HealthAbout Melbourne Health

Melbourne Health is Victoria’s second largest public health service and one of Australia’s leading public health care providers whose mission is to provide world-class healthcare for the community by embracing discovery and learning, building collaborative relationships, and engaging patients in their care.

Melbourne Health provides comprehensive acute, sub-acute, general, specialist medical and mental health services through both inpatient and community based facilities through the following services: The Royal Melbourne Hospital – City & Royal Park Campus, North Western Mental Health, North West Dialysis Service and Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory.

Maurice Davoli is the Deputy Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at Melbourne Health responsible for a number of portfolios including People Management & Operations, Recruitment Services and Employee Benefits at this world class health facility. Maurice was involved in the initial appointment of Smartsalary as Melbourne Health salary packaging provider and has been a driving force behind the growth of the relationship from a mere service provider to a reliable partner.

Smartsalary has now been the salary packaging service provider to Melbourne Health since 2002 and as one of our longest standing clients, we would like to feature them as a showcase client. This case study is in the form of a testimonail from Maurice.

How would you describe your relationship with Smartsalary?

  • Melbourne Health has worked together with Smartsalary on salary packaging for employees since 2002 – and collaboratively implemented benefits that Smartsalary have rolled out to other PBIs all over Australia

  • Our business relationship goes way beyond that of principal-vendor provider.. I have direct contact to the leadership in Smartsalary who have made themselves accessible and have incorporated our feedback in a positive manner over the years.

What makes it easy to work with Smartsalary?

I would summarise the strengths of Smartsalary as a service provider to Melbourne Health into the following 3 categories.

Excellent responsive customer service: Our employees find it easy to deal with Smartsalary for all their queries and the resolution of any complaints. The responsiveness to feedback and issues is a stand out service for us.

Friendly customer focussed staff: Customer service and striving for best practice is embedded in Smartsalary, from their CEO Deven, to Steve Pereira, our Relationship Manager and all the customer service staff who deal with Melbourne Health employees on a day to day basis.

Innovative products and services: Innovation has been part of Smartsalary’s DNA from the beginning of our relationship. The benefits and services such as online processing Smartphone and tablet applications and social channels enable our staff to benefit from the convenience provided by these features at their fingertips.

What would you advise other health networks and hospitals regarding their salary packaging arrangement?

Salary packaging is an expected part of staff remuneration and benefits in PBIs. It needs some education and marketing in order for it to be understood properly – so it’s best done by a specialist organisation such as Smartsalary where it is their core business.

There has been uncertainty in recent times over the proposed changes to the FBT legislation on motor vehicles and Smartsalary have kept us informed right through this process. In general, the tax expertise and compliance measures have always been a value added service for us at Melbourne Health.

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