Financial Benefits

Salary package your new laptop, tablet, mobile, or other eligible device and you could save.

Financial and Taxation Advice

Get a financial planner/advisor to help you manage an existing investment portfolio or get taxation advice from a professional advisor, and you can cut the cost of the fees by packaging them! Plus, you'll get the GST refunded as well, which means an extra 10% saving.

Ongoing management fees or retainers charged by a qualified financial planner/advisor for managing or servicing your financial affairs; and

Fees charged by a qualified taxation advisor for assistance and/or management of your taxation affairs

Salary package approved financial costs and save

Investment Loan Interest

You can only package the interest charged on your investment loan – not any principal repayments you choose to make. You are required to submit bank statements to confirm the amount of interest you have paid. As the amount of interest varies from month to month, we are unable to set up regular reimbursements for investment loan interest.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) applies, but only to 50%
of the total salary packaged amount.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance generally covers your finances if you become sick or injured and unable to work.

You must be the only person listed under the insurance policy.

You can’t package insurance that partially or wholly provides lump sum compensation for physical injury.

You can’t claim income protection insurance as a tax deduction if you salary package it.

Am I eligible?

Your eligibility is dependent on your employer's salary packaging policy and your employment status. Use our salary packaging calculator to see which benefits you can package and how much you could save.



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I want to learn more about salary packaging.


Important: This is general information only. Before entering into any salary packaging or novated leasing arrangement, you should consider your objectives, financial situation and needs, and, seek appropriate legal, financial or other professional advice based upon your own particular circumstances. The availability of benefits is determined by your employer. Conditions and fees apply.

1 A portable electronic device can only be salary packaged if it is used primarily (over 50%) for work purposes. Tax savings achieved through salary packaging will depend on your income tax bracket and personal circumstances.

2 A minimum 5% discount is available to Smartsalary customers at Harvey Norman. The discount applies to selected technology devices only and excludes Apple and Microsoft Surface devices.