Holiday Accommodation and Venue Hire

Salary package the best days of your life – if you're going on holiday, getting married or having a party, there are some costs you can save on!

Less tax and more good times

You can salary package the following expenses:

  • Holiday accommodation rental,
  • Venue/Function room hire, and
  • Package holidays.

There is an annual cap across Meal Entertainment, Holiday Accommodation and Venue Hire of $2,650. This means that each FBT Year (April 1st to March 31st), you can package a total of $2,650 across all of these benefits.

You may be able to package eligible Holiday or Venue Hire expenses using a Meal and Entertainment Card. Don’t have a card? Click here to learn more about Meal Entertainment.

Salary packaging your Holiday Accomodation or Venue Hire could make a special occasion even better!

What can I claim under Holiday Accommodation?

You can package any of the following accommodation types as holiday and accommodation rental:

  • holiday home;
  • a hotel/motel room;
  • a room or cabin at a holiday resort;

Providing you incur the costs and it is predominately for you and your immediate family*

What is Venue Hire?

You can package any of the following costs as venue or function room hire:

  • hire of reception centre or function room for entertainment event (e.g. wedding reception, party etc)
  • hire of marquee for entertainment event (e.g. wedding reception, party etc)
  • hire of an entire boat or plane for the purposes of a social event; or

Am I eligible?

If salary packaging or salary sacrificing super interests you, you will need to check your eligibility. This is dependent on your employer's salary packaging policy and your employment status. Use our salary packaging calculator to see which benefits you can package and how much you can save.



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Learn more about salary packaging Holiday Accommodation and Venue Hire.


Important: This is general information only. Before entering into any salary packaging or novated leasing arrangement, you should consider your objectives, financial situation and needs, and, seek appropriate legal, financial or other professional advice based upon your own particular circumstances. The availability of benefits is determined by your employer. Conditions and fees apply.