NSW Health

Join over 70%1 of healthcare workers who save every year with salary packaging

Everyday living made more affordable

Working with NSW health may make you eligible for some of the most generous salary packaging benefits available, which could save you thousands of dollars in tax each year.

In fact, over 70%1 doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are already taking advantage of salary packaging and saving on their mortgage, rent and other everyday living expenses.

Benefits you may be eligible to package

Here are a few of the most popular benefits in healthcare. To see the list of benefits that your employer has chosen to offer and how much you could save, use our salary packaging calculator.

Novated leasing

Salary packaging a car, also known as novated leasing, is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to buy and run a car. In fact, you could save thousands over the lifetime of your lease.

Saving on everyday living expenses

Claim up to $9,010 per year by salary packaging your mortgage, rent or general living expenses under the tax-free cap benefit.

Everyday living expenses

Salary package your general living expenses and you could save on things like clothes, bills and groceries.

Meal entertainment

Salary package your meals and you could save when you dine with your family and friends.

Novated car lease

You could drive the car you love for less with salary packaging.

Additional super contributions

You could save on tax whilst boosting your future wealth.

Holiday accommodation & venue hire

If you're going on holiday, getting married or having a party, there are some costs you could save on.

See the benefits your employer offers and how much you could save.

Savings examples

Josh is salary packaging the $2,650 meal entertainment benefit. He saves $900 per year by using the Smartsalary Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment card to pay for his restaurant meals.3,5

Josh, Doctor, earns $100k

Since salary packaging her mortgage repayments under the $9,010 tax-free cap, Rosie gets to take home an extra $3,100 per year.3,4



Rosie, Nurse, earns $70k