Self education

Studying so you can get ahead in your job? Find out what expenses you could salary package.

Self education

A course or qualification related to your current employment can be a great way to gain some extra knowledge and reduce the amount of tax you pay by salary packaging the cost. Plus, you’ll get the GST refunded as well, which means an extra 10% saving.

There’s no limit on the number of items you can package – so if you’d like to try a few courses a year, go for it.


Salary package approved self-education costs and save

Self-education expenses include

Course fees



Student union fees

Things to remember

You should also be aware that while you can also claim self-education on your tax return, you can’t package and claim the same item. Salary packaging your self-education is usually a better option because you can’t claim the first $250 you spend on self-education each financial year. By salary packaging, you can use your pre-tax dollars to save on the cost from the first dollar you spend.

You can’t salary package self-education expenses paid by your employer.

You can’t package HECS/HELP repayments, loan repayments in respect of study grants and basic charges from the Open Learning Agency of Australia.

The course or qualification must be related to your current employment –you can’t package a course you’re doing in order to enter another field or get a new job.

How to start packaging self education

  1. Choose and pay for your courses and books, then get a tax invoice/receipt as a record of what you’ve paid.

  2. If you’re a current Smartsalary customer, submit your tax invoice/receipt online via our mobile website.

  3. If you’re not already a Smartsalary customer, simply sign up for salary packaging via our website before submitting your tax invoice/receipt.

We’ll get your employer to set aside the amount you’ve paid, less the GST, from your pre-tax salary. We then arrange for that money, plus the GST, to be transferred to you. These deductions and reimbursements will be divided over the number of pay periods you choose.

Am I eligible?

Your eligibility is dependent on your employer's salary packaging policy and your employment status. Use our salary packaging calculator to see which benefits you can package and how much you could save.



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Important: This is general information only. Before entering into any salary packaging or novated leasing arrangement, you should consider your objectives, financial situation and needs, and, seek appropriate legal, financial or other professional advice based upon your own particular circumstances. The availability of benefits is determined by your employer. Conditions and fees apply.

1 A portable electronic device can only be salary packaged if it is used primarily (over 50%) for work purposes. Tax savings achieved through salary packaging will depend on your income tax bracket and personal circumstances.

2 A minimum 5% discount is available to Smartsalary customers at Harvey Norman. The discount applies to selected technology devices only and excludes Apple and Microsoft Surface devices.