Trade Memberships

Things you need to know

  • The membership or subscription must be related to your employment.
  • You can’t claim income tax deductions on salary packaged items.
  • You can’t package any membership or subscription that has been paid by your employer.

How to start packaging membership fees and subscriptions

  1. Choose and pay for the items you want and get a tax invoice/receipt as a record of what you’ve paid.
  2. If you’re a current Smartsalary customer, submit your tax invoice/receipt online or via our mobile website.
  3. If you’re not already a Smartsalary customer, simply sign up for salary packaging via our website before submitting your tax invoice/receipt.

We’ll get your employer to set aside the amount you’ve paid, less the GST, from your pre-tax salary. We then arrange for that money, plus the GST, to be transferred to you. These deductions and reimbursements will be divided over the number of pay periods you choose.