Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19

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The type of organisation you work for determines what benefits you are eligible to salary package. To confirm what benefits are available to you, simply enter your employer details below.


Some of the more popular benefits are summarised below:

  • Tax-free Expenses

    Salary package up to $9,010 towards your mortgage, rent, personal loan, credit card repayments, everyday purchases and more.

  • Everyday Purchases Cards

    The easiest way to salary package your living expenses is by using the Everyday Purchases Card.

  • Meal Entertainment

    Dining out is even more affordable and enjoyable when you pay for your restaurant meals with your pre-tax dollars.

  • Superannuation

    Pay less tax as you save for your future by salary packaging pre-tax additional contributions to your superannuation.

  • Holiday Accommodation and Hire

    Salary package the best days of your life – if you're going on holiday, getting married or having a party, there are some costs you could save on.

  • Portable Devices

    Packaging a portable computer such as a laptop, notebook, tablet or PDA could save you hundreds. Plus, you’ll get the GST refunded as well, which means an extra 10% saving.

  • Financial and Taxation Advice

    If you have a financial planner or get tax advice from a professional, you could salary package the fees.

  • Airline Lounge Benefit

    Whether you travel for work or personal reasons, you can salary package your airline lounge membership.

  • Education and Work Development

    Studying so you can get ahead in your job? Find out what expenses you could salary package.

  • Trade Computer Software

    If you buy work-related software for your computer, you can salary package it - and save on the cost.

  • In-house Gym

    Stay fit and healthy and you could save money at the same time by salary packaging in-house gym membership and facility fees. 

  • Income Protection Insurance

    Salary packaging the cost of Income Protection Insurance could save you up to 46.5% on the premium.

  • Work Related Expenses

    There are lots of items you can package to help you save on work-related expenses such as trade subscriptions, membership fees and your uniform.

  • Remote Area

    If you live in a remote area, you could salary package up to 50% of your rental costs; half your electricity, gas and other residential fuels; and up to 100% of your mortgage interest costs.