How it Works

Smartsalary makes it easy, reducing your administrative work and managing employee education requirements.

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Bringing salary packaging to your employees

Setting up a salary packaging program with us is simple. We work in close consultation with you and your team to ensure a seamless salary packing experience with minimal impact on your day to day operations.


Benefits of working with Smartsalary

Implementation and transition

To set up a salary packaging program for your employees, we provide a specialist team to support and guide you and your employees during the transition to minimise disruption and ensure a successful changeover.

Reporting and processes

Our secure Employer Portal includes the ability to access FBT and GST reporting, payroll-related files and employee data.

We will work with you to provide a payroll file format that integrates with your payroll system, ensuring a seamless and smooth process.

Client relationship management

You will be supported by an experienced team of personnel. We will ensure the comprehensive delivery of services to all levels - from the management of the contract, through to our one-to-one interactions with employees.



Employee education

Your employees will be supported with onsite and virtual educational activities, as well as materials to support the ongoing promotion of our salary packaging services.

Talk to an expert about setting up a salary packaging program.


How does salary packaging work for your business?
How do you support the education of employees on their salary packaging benefits?
Can you run webinars for our remote staff?
Can you integrate with our existing financial wellbeing program?
How do you align with my payroll, pay cycles and systems?
How do I access the Employer Portal?
Do you have a mobile app?