Public Education

Smartsalary makes it easy for public schools and their staff to salary package and save money

Salary packaging benefits available to your organisation

As a public education employer, you can choose from a range of benefits for your teachers and other employees to salary package. Here are a few of the most popular benefits offered in your sector.

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Novated leasing

Salary packaging a car, also known as novated leasing, is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to buy and run a car. Through Smartsalary your employees could save thousands over the lifetime of their lease.

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Additional superannuation contributions

When employees salary package additional superannuation contributions, they could save on tax while building their future wealth.

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Portable electronic devices

If your employees require a portable electronic device, to be used primarily for work purposes they could be eligible to salary package the cost and save up to 45% on the purchase price. Includes mobile phones, laptops, tablets and wearable technology.

Other benefits include
Financial and taxation advice

If your employees use a financial planner or tax advisor, they could salary package the fees and save.

Work-related expenses

Employees can salary package a range of work-related expenses.


Your employees can salary package the cost of work-related self-education.

Income protection insurance

Employees who have income protection insurance can salary package the cost and save.

Airline lounge membership

Whether your employees travel for work or personal reasons they can salary package their airline lounge membership.


Employees can use their pre-tax dollars to pay for the cost of childcare at centres controlled by the employer.

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