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Salary Packaging

What is salary packaging and how does it work? 

What is salary packaging?

Salary packaging (also known as salary sacrifice) is a benefit offered to you by your employer. It allows you to pay for everyday goods and services using your pre-tax salary.

It is an ATO-approved way of maximising your salary by minimising your tax bill. So, on payday, you pay less tax, and there’s more money to spend on the things that matter.

How does salary packaging work?​

Salary packaging is a way to use your pre-tax pay for a range of everyday expenses. Here’s an example of your take-home pay before and after salary packaging.​​


SS comparison Artwork.svg



See the benefits your employer offers and how much you could save.

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What can I salary package?

Salary packages are as unique as you are. What you can salary package will depend on the industry you work in and your employer.

If you work for a hospital, charity, aged care facility or not-for-profit organisation, there are additional benefits you can salary package

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Is salary packaging difficult to manage?

No. At Smartsalary, everything we do - from how we answer calls to the products and services we provide - is designed to make your life easy.

Gain access to real-time tracking, customer support where and when you need it, online, over the phone, or at your place of work, an end-to-end car leasing service, and fast and easy online claiming.

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Important information:
This is general information only. Before entering into any salary packaging or car leasing arrangement, you should consider your objectives, financial situation and needs, and, seek appropriate legal, financial or other professional advice based upon your own particular circumstances. The availability of benefits is determined by your employer. Conditions and fees apply.