NSW Health Novated Leasing

You could save thousands when you salary package your car

A novated lease is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to buy and run a car 

a healthcare worker driving a car

  • Enjoy tax savings and discounts on your car and related running expenses 
  • Lease a new or used car 
  • Pay no GST on the purchase price1
  • Choose the lease term that suits your budget from one to five years 
electric car charging

Electric vehicles made more affordable

No Fringe Benefits Tax to pay for cars below the luxury car tax threshold ($84,916 in 2022-23).

As an employee of NSW Health, if you choose to take out a novated lease, you must use one of the approved novated leasing providers. It is recommended that you source at least three quotes and seek financial advice prior to entering into a novated leasing arrangement. To find out more about how to access this discount, please contact:

Smartleasing | 1300 144 873, LeasePLUS | 1300 13 13 16, Maxxia | 1300 123 123

Important information:
1 GST is not payable on the purchase price of a vehicle financed through a novated lease (GST saving calculated on the FBT base value of the vehicle, up to the claimable limit unless exempt).