Transition to New Salary Packaging Provider from 1st April 2023

We’re sorry to see you go.

As you may be aware, your employer has chosen to transition your salary packaging to a new provider from 1 April 2023. We’re disappointed that we can no longer support you with your salary packaging and help you make the most of the benefits available to you.

Your Smartsalary salary packaging program will end on 31 March 2023 and your account will be transferred. Details of your salary packaging arrangement will be transferred to your new provider and we’re currently working with them to make this transition as smooth as possible.

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Key dates:

Last date to submit claims: 16 March 2023
Last date to make a change: 2 weeks before your final pay in March
Last date with Smartsalary: 31 March 2023
Start date with new provider: 1 April 2023


Salary packaging card

You will keep the same salary packaging card and your deductions to your card will continue. We will pass all these details to your new provider.

If you have a balance on your card at the end of the FBT year, this will roll over to the new FBT year and will reduce your tax-free cap by the same amount for the 2023/24 FBT year.

Novated lease

Your lease will be unchanged. Management of your novated lease will remain with your current leasing provider.

If this is Smartleasing there will also be no change to your insurance or fuel card arrangements.

Account reconciliation

We'll reconcile your account as soon as we can after 1 April and if there are any funds remaining in your account, we will transfer them to your new provider.