Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19

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PayConnect by Smartsalary ensures a seamless and automated integration of Smartsalary’s systems with your payroll department. PayConnect produces upload files customised to your requirements so that you do not need to do any manual processing. These files are delivered automatically at the same time each cycle, for every cycle you run. After your pay is run PayConnect accepts any output file format that your system produces. PayConnect then updates Smartsalary’s account balances with the salary packaging funds of your employees.

Online Services

Smartsalary has developed online tools for both you and your employees so you can manage your program and employees can manager benefits online including:

  • Apply/add/adjust/ceases benefits
  • Make a claim
  • Cease an account
  • Apply and execute novated lease documents
  • Manage novated lease budgets
  • Request an onsite visit
  • Register for presentations and one-on-one appointments
  • Order marketing collateral


Through the use of Intercom, Smartsalary personalises messages when you and/or your employees login to our website.  These messages can be for the whole organisation, a subset or employees or just one individual employee. This technology allows us to truly target our messages based upon specific business rules and communication aims. Examples include:

  • Guiding employees through the online application
  • Prompts to update personal information
  • Notification of uploaded meeting minutes and reporting


Smartsalary offers the ability to execute novated lease documents anywhere, anytime - making the process faster and simpler with no need to print and scan contracts or deeds of novation. Version tracking and archiving of the documents allow for easy access and digital certificates assure all recipients of authenticity and integrity.

Concierge Call Back

Where employees are unable to attend one of our many onsite activities they can always utilise our online concierge call back service. This convenient service allows employees to book a call phone consultation at a time and date suitable for them. This service ensures all employees have access to our salary packaging representatives regardless of their work location and hours.

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