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Financial Wellness Program

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Helping you improve your financial wellbeing

Saving money through salary packaging is a big help, but financial wellness is about your overall financial health - enjoying life, living comfortably and coping financially when the unexpected happens. That’s why we’ve partnered with expert providers who can deliver financial wellness solutions to you.1

Mortgage Health Check

Whether you’re looking for your first mortgage or a better deal on the one you already have, our Mortgage Health Check can help you find the solution that best suits you.  We’ve partnered with Finspo and Joust to provide you with a no-obligation mortgage health check. 

Finspo2 – Trusted home loan experts

Finspo is a mortgage broker with years of experience, making it easier for Australians to get a great home loan – conveniently online and 100% free.

Purchasing a new home or want to find out if your current loan is still right for you? Claim your obligation-free home loan health check, and a friendly expert will review your options with you. To learn more click here.

Joust3 – online, anonymous and self-serve

Based on the information you provide via the secure Joust website, brokers and direct bank lenders compete to offer you a mortgage solution at the most competitive rate.

You can chat with the providers anonymously, look up reviews and ratings, and compare offers side-by-side. Then when you have the information you need, you can choose the solution that’s right for you or stay with your current solution, it’s completely up to you. And you can test the rates whenever you want. Get Joust working to find you a better deal, click here.

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Important information:
The provision of your information by Smartsalary to Finspo or Joust is not a recommendation by Smartsalary.  It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements and seek financial advice before making any financial decisions. 
1 Smartsalary  may receive commission and/or administrative fees from Finspo or Joust, (as the case may be), in respect of any transactions that result from the referral.
2 The personal meeting mortgage health check is offered by Lab35 Pty Ltd trading as Finspo, Australian Credit Licence Number 521120. Any personal information provided to Finspo as part of the Mortgage Health Check will be held, stored and used in accordance with the Finspo Privacy Policy: finspo.com.au/privacy-policy.
3 The online mortgage health check is offered by Joust, Australian Credit Licence Number 481805. Any personal information provided to Joust as part of the Mortgage Health Check will be held, stored and used in accordance with the Joust Privacy Policy: joust.com.au/privacy-policy.